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ORIENTALE is a new brand from Ho Chi Minh City that combines sophisticated design with delicate and skillful craftsmanship. The name "ORIENTALE"is created from "Orient-"(meaning is Sunrise, Start, Oriental) and "Tale"(meaning is Story). We named it with the hope of meeting people from all over the world and weaving a new story together. Encounters are created by mutual attraction and chance. Encounters between people, between one technology and another technology, between East and West, between classic and modern, between our furniture and customers, and between you and us. We believe that what leads to a truly comfortable life are products with well-proportioned, quiet forms and a real sense of comfort that emanates from the inside. ORIENTALE propose a product with unique values, based on the classics, but represent oriental aesthetics into modern shapes. Geometric circles, squares, and straight lines evoke a sense of serenity, while the imperfection of the shapes evokes a Japanese sensitive sense of beauty, and the simplicity of the appearance evokes a sense of modesty. While such expressions exist, the texture and function of the materials are certain, and you can feel the real value. All of this is the inevitable result of encounters with people, technology, culture, and tradition. And now, we ORIENTALE are looking forward to connecting with society, meeting you, and starting a new "tale" with you.

Our Story

  • Philosophy
  • Philosophy

ORIENTALE is a new brand for the global market created through a collaboration between two Japanese companies based in Vietnam (CERUBO Co.,Ltd., A&M Industry Vietnam Co.,Ltd.) and a design studio based in Japan (TOMOYUKI MATSUOKA DESIGN). CERUBO and A&M are both furniture manufacturers that have been producing mainly on an OEM basis for the Japanese market for many years, and have developed the high quality and technical capabilities required by this market. CERUBO specializes in wooden products, such as chairs and tables, with steam bending technology for solid wood, and is mainly responsible for the dining scene for ORIENTALE. On the other hand, A&M has excellent woodworking skills as well as upholstery skills, and is responsible for the living room scene centering on sofas for ORIENTALE. Tomoyuki Matsuoka is responsible for the total creative direction of the brand as well as furniture design for ORIENTALE.

The world is now facing a major turning point, especially after the pandemic. The natural environment is shaken, population and economic disparities have emerged, and we feel a strong disconnect from the real world due to the significant spread of social networking and remote work. We believe that what is truly needed today is a "reliable reality," and we hope to provide people around the world with comfortable and beautiful lifestyles through long-loved products made from steady and sincere manufacturing.


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